Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a dress for Lex'

You know how you spot fabric,
and before you even get close enough to touch it
you know it's just perfect
and you have to have it?

That's how I was when I saw this.
It was just a remnant of fleece
- 23 inches to be exact -
without a price.

As Dave would say,
(and wouldn't approve of)
I married it
before I knew much it cost.
I looked for the bolt - but never found it.
I was trying to decide just how much I was willing to pay
for this scant 2/3 of a yard
when I brought it to the gal behind the counter,
"Any clue how much this costs?"
"All the fleece remnants back there are $2.99 a yard."
$2 ?!

I passed by the fabric,
waiting patiently on my sewing desk,
for three weeks
before I finally got the chance to cut into it.

I'd hoped to be able to get both a top and bottoms out of it,
but I just couldn't quite squeeze that out.
It turns out
I love the surprise of her knees so much
that I'm glad I couldn't pull off pants.

in case you're wondering
 Girl is working on her TaeKwanDo moves in some of these photos :-)


  1. cute!!! i'm glad she likes pink so much now, but i still think of the colors in that fleece as 'lexi's colors' :)

  2. yes - I think they will always be 'Lexi Colors'!

  3. Absolutely cute! Love how you were "married it"! Never thought about it that way before. I guess you could say I've been married quite a few times, if you put it that way! When I'm out looking at fabric and I see something similar to this it makes me think of Lexi. You did a fabulous job!