Saturday, July 31, 2010

well, that pretty much bombed

I told myself I was only going to buy something
if I really liked it.
No more plain T's for awhile.
I've run out of places to store my meager stash.
When I saw this dress, though
I had to buy it.
50 cents

You can see Lexi isn't wearing this refashion.
it isn't a dress.

My 1/8" elastic wasn't nearly as stretchy as it needed to be.
I didn't get all worked up about it;
I figured I'd just add a few rows of shirring and everything'd be fine.
Turns out the thinner the fabric
the more tightly it shirrs.

ah well
live and learn.

polkadot princesses

These are actually much cuter in person.

and swingy.

The dresses are oh-so-swingy.

which is really quite fitting
for such sweet little girls.

I smile every time at look at them

because they're so darn cute
and secondly
because they are wearing pant legs

how fun is that??

Monday, July 19, 2010

a sun-hat for Lexi

It all started last night
when I spotted my note

and just below it
the curtain topper I'd bought at a yard sale for 25 cents.

I picked it up
planning to make the girls sun-dresses
but then
I saw the reminder
that I'd put on my shelves
because I could never remember Lexi needed a sun hat
until we were in the pool
and she got all squinty.
I suppose a really good mom
would have hopped out and stitched one up immediately.
But alas,
I am not a really good mom
just a decent one.
I do
after all
try to hop in the pool every day with the kiddos.
I used Charity's bush hat tutorial as a very loose guide.
I used the same tute
last year

I should have used interfacing on the brim
and if I ever make another
I'll be sure to add it.

It's a bit floppy
but it works okay as is

and I still have enough fabric left for a sun-dress

Friday, July 16, 2010

she's an American girl

I haven't sat at my machine in two weeks!
I just had to make a little something.

A new pair of panties was just the thing,
short and sweet
and practically free
since I used an old t-shirt of mine.

I still don't have the fit quite right.
Guess that means I'll just have to keep tryin', huh?
too bad
Momma sure loves you, my little American girl

Thursday, July 15, 2010

good as new

My bag of clothespins got left out on the line
while we were on vacation last week.

Which left me with a bunch of nasty clothespins.

It just so happened that my dryer went out
two days after we returned home.

And me
with mildew-y clothespins!

I figured
that before I tossed them
I should at least try to clean them
so I poured 'em all in a bucket
and added a squirt of dish-soap
and a glug of bleach.
They tried floating to the top
so I grabbed a quart size zip bag, filled it with water
and set it on top of my pins.
An hour or so later
I poured off the now-brown bleach water
and wiped down each pin as I rinsed them under running water.
I clipped them along the top edge of a box to dry
and viola
good as new!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lexi's quilt

Every time Lexi wears this shirt I say
to anyone within earshot
"Those colors are just begging to be made into a quilt!"

Then I remembered - I have the perfect back already
for a Lexi quilt!
Yes, I know, she already has one
but this is more her.

Though made with lots of love,
this won't go down in history as one of my best pieces of work.
My quilting was less than impressive...
I was pleased, however,
with how well my seams matched up
'specially considering how poorly I did last time on that.

I had some extra blocks
so I made a little doll quilt so I could practice my quilting.
I really wanted to do flowers all over,
but my skills are sorely lacking...

Ya'll know I like adding in a word or two
so I added 'dream baby'
sort of a positive reinforcement
subliminal message kind of thing...

Still had blocks left
so I made 2 tiny blankets
for the girl's little 4 inch dolls.
In looking at this quilting again
I think
if I would have just slowed down more and taken my time
I could have done the flowers like I wanted.

I just love the back!
both of 'em - actually

It may not be my best work work
but I think it'll still be quite loved.

This girl sure is!