Friday, April 23, 2010

take 2

I like this one a whole lot
I added an extra layer of fabric and interfacing
to the upper outer pieces
on top of all the other changes I planned to make

The picture really doesn't do it justice.
I have to say
this is my most professional looking piece
Ton' says part of that is because it's (partly) designer fabric.

I'd actually forgotten I ordered it.
I saw a purse
well over a year ago
on some blog (no clue which one!)
and I really liked the style and I'd ordered
a tiny bit of the teal plume and some fortune zinnia
to make one kinda like it.

I was hoping that the oranges would go well together.
They were, after all, both by Anna Maria Horner
so it was a logical thing to hope for.
They didn't.
I have about 1/3 of a yard of that gorgeous Good Folks fabric
still sitting in my cabinet.

While the size of this one will work great for me
- with plenty of room for my huge wallet -
I think it may be a bit big for young ladies.
I think somewhere between 25% bigger
and the original ought to be just perfect.

back to the drawing board

I finally made my first buttercup bag.

I really like it
as I suspected
the purse is just not quite big enough
to be practical.
I was going to enlarge it from the get-go
but decided
I should just makeup the pattern as is...
no changes.
Which I did.
I went ahead and added interfacing to the lining
and made the pocket a bit bigger, too.
I think
besides enlarging the pattern
I'll also add stabilizer to the strap
and make it a few inches longer
while I'm at it.

This was going to be part of a graduation gift
for a sweet young gal;
her momma helped me pick out the fabric.

I'm glad she did
'cause these weren't any that I'd had in mind.

I do love the fabric combo
it was ridiculously hard to find anything
that even remotely went with that green.

Oddly enough
I followed the directions to-the-letter
on this wallet, too.
For real!
I'm pleased with it
it took me way too long to make.
Sadly, the wallet is just too big for the purse
so it's back to the drawing board
or, rather
the cutting mat...

Good thing I bought more fabric than I thought I'd need!

Monday, April 19, 2010

branching out

After this post
and this one,
which quickly followed this one
which came right after this one
and not too terribly long after this one
(and I didn't even mention
that I'd made Aiden's hat and the girl's outfits here...)
it was starting to feel like
was turning into a
'look - what - I - made' blog
so we decided to
come over here
so I could have a place
- well -
to say,
"Look what I made!"
and not feel like I was totally bragging about it.
I mean
I am bragging, but somehow
here, it's okay.
speaking of...
I've forayed into lingerie.
Is it lingerie if it's size 3T?
Probably not....


Lily has been doing super with the potty lately
- all pretty-much self-initiated -
which makes it so easy.
Being comfort minded like her momma, though,
she usually chose to wear a diaper instead of panties,
'cause the elastic bothered her.
I took a pair of leggins that were way too short
and turned them into 2 pairs of panties.
The first pair
I simply cut off sorta boxer brief style.
I know.
but comfortable.
Then with the remaining legs
and some plush FOE
I whipped up another pair
complete with a white cotton crotch panel
(swiped from one of Papa's old t-shirts)
so many old clothes
so little time