Monday, July 11, 2011

getting there

hmm - I should have ironed before snapping a picture,
ya think?!

Not surprisingly,
given how the rest of this quilt has gone,
the back doesn't look
like what I had intended
when I first set out to make it.
But I'm happy with it all the same.
I used the same dark gray sheet
for my border on the front, too.

Wonder how long it'll take me to get it quilted??


  1. I like how the gray help make the colors pop! Can't wait to see it quilted. And what's with the "still"??? You've been SLIGHTLY busy! Sheesh! Give yourself a little grace.

  2. 'Net ~ do you realize how long it has been since I finished a quilt? over a year! And I was collecting fabrics for this one when I was buying the fabrics for THAT one (Lex's) so, yeah ;-) STILL