Wednesday, August 17, 2011


so I don't forget.....

press seam allowance to print

sew both sets with dark on top & left on bottom and right side & bottom on top

press seams toward white this time

match center seams, top and bottom and sew

oh! say hello to my little friend (Josiah's bear pattern)

press seam allowance either way....


why it matters.....

ah.... better


  1. Kieron thinks that bear is one of the greatest things ever! (aiden shares that one more. he likes both but doesn't really 'play' with either. i think kieron likes the bear's arms :D )

  2. I have a bear pattern that looks like that too. It's waiting for a mom to find some free time with a little boy to make it... Fall is coming so hopefully it'll happen soon. :-)
    Glad the blocks turned out right.

  3. Very nice! Your point look great on this and I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I wonder how you're going to quilt this beauty.

    ps. I keep the drawing that one of your boys did of me sitting at your machine in my sewing box and see it each time I sit down to sew. Makes me smile.

  4. note to self - that final seam, I went back and pressed open; blocks seem to lay a bit flatter.