Monday, April 19, 2010

branching out

After this post
and this one,
which quickly followed this one
which came right after this one
and not too terribly long after this one
(and I didn't even mention
that I'd made Aiden's hat and the girl's outfits here...)
it was starting to feel like
was turning into a
'look - what - I - made' blog
so we decided to
come over here
so I could have a place
- well -
to say,
"Look what I made!"
and not feel like I was totally bragging about it.
I mean
I am bragging, but somehow
here, it's okay.
speaking of...
I've forayed into lingerie.
Is it lingerie if it's size 3T?
Probably not....


Lily has been doing super with the potty lately
- all pretty-much self-initiated -
which makes it so easy.
Being comfort minded like her momma, though,
she usually chose to wear a diaper instead of panties,
'cause the elastic bothered her.
I took a pair of leggins that were way too short
and turned them into 2 pairs of panties.
The first pair
I simply cut off sorta boxer brief style.
I know.
but comfortable.
Then with the remaining legs
and some plush FOE
I whipped up another pair
complete with a white cotton crotch panel
(swiped from one of Papa's old t-shirts)
so many old clothes
so little time

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  1. I've been so busy with my own life that I didn't realize you were branching out! I love it! The girls looked fabulous on Saturday and I'm going to love exploring here. I love the purses! I'm not sure where you find all the time! Can't wait to see more of your creative creations!