Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the drawing board

I used one of Lana's laundry casualties
to make panties
so I could test my pattern

I still need to tweak my pattern some more

great fit in the bootie
but the front is 'off'
I adjusted the pattern
and sewed what I really wanted to sew

Before making another one
I think I need to lengthen the top just a little bit

and I'll need to enlarge the leg hole in the front even more
(I assume that's what's causing the bagginess)
but this one still works just fine


  1. adorable!!! I love the fabric too :)

  2. You amaze me! That looks fabulous and shes looks adorable in her new designer suit! Wild applause! Is that your Dreaming Quilt she's laying on?

  3. ... I cannot believe that little girl's tan! maybe I should get a pool, then I could have gorgeous hair and a tan like that, eh? ;P