Thursday, June 17, 2010

tickled pink

I don't sew for myself much.
Partly cause it's a whole lot more fun to sew for my kiddos
mostly because
pretty much every thing I've ever made
for myself
Except my skirt.
I made a skirt for Easter last year
and it turned out okay...

I figured out that part of my problem
was the pattern.
If I have to try on a kazillion shirts to find one that fits properly
why on earth should I assume
1 pattern
will fit me right??
I took a shirt I already own that I like the fit of
and made a pattern.
Just like I do for the girls
I used some polka dot fabric I got off of Walmart's $1.50/yard table
to make a muslin.
Not surprisingly
I had to tweak my pattern a bit
and I learned I need to stretch my 'collar' a bit on the curves,
but still
the shirt is wearable.
I'm still geeking out about it!
(and dizzying polka dots aside - it's actually kinda cute)

Then I took a very large pair of pants
($ .50 at Salvation Army - oh yeah!)
took them apart
and re-made them into a pair of crop pants
that fit pretty darn good.
Complete with an invisible zipper!
I'm still geekin' out about that, too.

I bought the pants
thinking I would, of course, use them for the girls
but then I thought,
"How often will I find something I can re-make for me??"
and so I did...

And this morning,
I used real store bought fabric - on sale for $3.95/yd
and made another shirt for myself.
And it turned out pretty near perfect.
Of course
I had to make matching dresses for the girls, too...

many thanks to my little photographer
You got potential, Girl.


  1. Woohooo!
    Oh, and good job on the boy sewing. Josiah showed me his shorts. I admired, he showed me the belt loops. I admired, he showed AGAIN the shorts.
    He's quite tickled.
    Nothing but several minutes of feeling the fabric and belt loops and oohing and aaahing over the shorts would satisfy that kid :) he loves him some clothes, and he really loves that you made them.

    And I love your shirt and capris, you did great, and the pics of you turned out well, way to go Lily!!!

  2. Great job once again! You did a fantastic job on your new snazy outfit. Can you put some of that creativity in a pill capsule and send it my way? The girls look fantastic! I usually don't like the things I'd made for myself, but yours is fantastic! Are you not just loving the invisible zipper!!! I predict we'll see more outfits in the weeks to come with some of these. If you ever need any, I was given a whole bunch of them a few years back... I would probably have a color you need!