Thursday, July 15, 2010

good as new

My bag of clothespins got left out on the line
while we were on vacation last week.

Which left me with a bunch of nasty clothespins.

It just so happened that my dryer went out
two days after we returned home.

And me
with mildew-y clothespins!

I figured
that before I tossed them
I should at least try to clean them
so I poured 'em all in a bucket
and added a squirt of dish-soap
and a glug of bleach.
They tried floating to the top
so I grabbed a quart size zip bag, filled it with water
and set it on top of my pins.
An hour or so later
I poured off the now-brown bleach water
and wiped down each pin as I rinsed them under running water.
I clipped them along the top edge of a box to dry
and viola
good as new!


  1. Oh I know the value of wooden clothes pins! I had them on my "pick-up-while-in-America" list a few years ago. Imagine my utter delight when I started finding them here in Latvia! It was about time this wood-exporting country started making some. They are valuable!

  2. speaking of - is there anything I can send with Mom for ya'll?? she'll be here Sunday, so it'd be no trouble at all