Saturday, July 31, 2010

well, that pretty much bombed

I told myself I was only going to buy something
if I really liked it.
No more plain T's for awhile.
I've run out of places to store my meager stash.
When I saw this dress, though
I had to buy it.
50 cents

You can see Lexi isn't wearing this refashion.
it isn't a dress.

My 1/8" elastic wasn't nearly as stretchy as it needed to be.
I didn't get all worked up about it;
I figured I'd just add a few rows of shirring and everything'd be fine.
Turns out the thinner the fabric
the more tightly it shirrs.

ah well
live and learn.

1 comment:

  1. I just knew when I saw the first picture it was going to be another quilt! I think it looks very cute. Live and learn. Today, I've been working on a skirt for Only to wear to Belize. Took one of her favorite skirts, made a muslin pattern, and going from there. Would be further on it if I didn't have to hand stitch the waist band for a nice finished look. Still have two more to make. Been working on a special surprise to put into the quilt with Grandma in cahoots with me on this one. Can't wait to get it done to show you!