Monday, October 4, 2010

soap on a rope -- or something

We had a little bit of money left in the gas envelope
when September ended.
a die-hard Dave Ramsey fan would dutifully transfer that money
either to
a) debt
b) next month's gas envelope.
a) We have no debt.     b) It was my birthday
so I spent it. 

I've seen felted soaps on the world wide web before
and it's been on my very long list of 'things to do someday'
but when I saw Ginny's tutorial in Rhythm of the Home
(I have no clue what steps I took that led me there...)
I knew
now was the time.

It was much less expensive to buy un-dyed wool roving
which was perfect, 'cause I wanted to dye some with koolaid.
I knew we'd find something else to dye someday.
if you've never dyed something with koolaid
you gotta try it!
Lime koolaid is the coolest!

I probably should have found a tute specifically for dyeing wool
though - 'cause it began to felt just from the dyeing process
which - for our soap was fine - 
but it might not be okay for other uses.

Lex' was serious about her soap!

I love the mouths!


whew! rescued

Felting soap was really very simple
but Jeremiah thought it 'got old after awhile'.
Lily wasn't overly enthusiastic about finishing the felting process either.
Josiah is pretty excited to use his soap
but I think he could take -or- leave the making of it.
Brandon and I want to make more
which is good, 'cause we've got a good bit of roving left.

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