Friday, October 22, 2010

well, that didn't go as planned

It's really nothing new ~ things not going as planned.
I don't know why I'm always surprised and disappointed
when it happens.
Guess it's that overconfidence thing.
It certainly explains why I'm so darn thrilled when I get it right.

I was so tickled to sit down and sew something;
it seems like ages.
and really could have purchased more fabric than I did
but I was prudent
and decided I'd go back as soon as I'd sewn up what I bought.

Before going to bed
I cut out fleece jumpers for the girls
using a shirt of Lily's as a guide.
I forgot that the shirt I'd grabbed was too big in the shoulders.

I woke up before Tyler left this morning
so he could put caladryl lotion on my poor poison-ivyd back.
I didn't end up getting back to sleep
so I got up and sewed.

Lexi's jumper fits okay - bit it's kinda snug going on.
and she could do with a little more leg room.
Now, Lily's looks fabulous.
So long as it's hanging on a hanger.
On her - it looks 
just bad.

And then there were the pants.
I founded the softest  fleece with rubber duckies for $3.99 / yard
and thought I'd whip up a pair of 18-24 months jammie pants for Aiden.
And while I was at it
I'd make a pair for Lex', too
they are, after all, the same size......

Anybody need two pairs of 12 mo. ducky jammie pants??


I have decided that before I sew one more thing
(unless I cut into that jersey fabric I bought for sweats for Jeremiah...)
I'm going to take super detailed measurements of the girls
and draw them out on graph paper.
that will keep me from making such ill-fitting clothes.

I can dream....


  1. ooooh no!!

    Well, the 12 months pants might still fit Aidenboy, maybe....

  2. pretty sure they won't ~ but is ok - I bought more :-)