Thursday, December 9, 2010

fit for a princess

Like most three year old girls,
Lily is all about princesses.

She recently discovered Belle
and loves her long princess gloves.
So far
she's been content to use socks
or my disposable kitchen gloves.
Good imagination, 
that one.

I could have just ordered some online
but at $8 a pair
they seemed a bit overpriced.
Add to that
the sizing didn't seem to be real accurate
so I wanted to find some locally
to be sure they'd fit.
After the 7th store
I decided I'd just make them myself.

I started with a men's athletic shirt
- one of those polyester jobbies that  keep you cool and dry
while you work out.
It was a cheap-o one I bought on clearance at Dollar General
for a dollar.

I'd planned on making a nursing tank with it
but I never got around to it

I turned the shirt inside out and
using the hem of the shirt as the top of the gloves,
I traced my cut out
just-barely-enlarged tracing of Lily's hand
right onto the shirt

It probably would have been smart to use a disappearing ink pen
but I couldn't find it, so I just used a pencil.
Leaving the shirt intact and well-pinned 
I used a triple stretch stitch
and stitched all the way around the gloves.

I carefully cut out the gloves
about 1/8 of an inch away from the seams.

Turned 'em right side out
and that was it.
Fancy dress-up gloves
perfectly fit for a little princess.

I think she'll be pretty happy to give me back my socks!

1 comment:

  1. haha, glad you'll get your socks back ;) the undies are cute too, btw (in the above post i mean)
    That is so very clever to sew around the fingers and THEN cut the glove. It's brilliant!!!