Thursday, December 9, 2010

butter bottom

It's no secret 
Lily has an ample derrière.
Ready made panties aren't a great fit for her.

When I finished the princess gloves
the house was still sleeping
so I wondered what else
on my Christmas list
could I tackle?

They don't take long and I could easily
get rid of any evidence as soon as I heard Lily get up.
I dug out some shirts I'd bought 
just for this purpose.
I'd spent $1 total on all three!

In hindsight (hindsight haha ~ I kill myself)
I should have cut out the backs individually
instead of trying to save a few minutes
and stacking all the shirt fronts together to cut them out.
They're still fine
but the design should've been a bit lower down on two of 'em.

I don't think Lily will be as thrilled to pull these out of her stocking
as she will be her gloves
but they'll cover her booty
without crawling up her crack
and I'll get a kick out of 'em when I do the laundry.

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