Saturday, February 19, 2011

it just sorta happened

It isn't as though I don't already have 
plenty of projects in the works.
This one just sorta happened though.

I have a book I've been supposed to bring to a friend 
for over 2 weeks.
It's waited patiently right by more door.
Since I've been so slow in getting it to her,
I thought I ought to make a little gift to go with it.

Months ago
she posted on FB that she needed a business card holder
Last time I checked, she hadn't ordered one.

I'm not sure that this fabric is 'her'
but I thought it was better than anything else in my stash.
Problem is, I don't really know her well enough
to know for sure.

It was fun to make 
and went together pretty quickly
even though I was figuring it out as I went along.
I'm a bit irritated with myself for having the curve on the flap
going the wrong direction.
Silly thing is - I had my fabrics cut for the other way
but somehow convinced myself I had it backwards.
So I changed it and guess what?
I got it backwards.
Oh well ~ it'll still work just fine.

in retrospect - I should not have used black thread!

It always amazes me how much mess I can make 
working on one little project.

You'll be happy to know, though
that my sewing desk is still clean :-)


  1. Tracy - If you ever teach a sewing or quilting class, I want to be in on it. You are amazing!

  2. Oh, I love this one! So cute and practical! I'll have to sneak over and take a peak at it!