Saturday, February 26, 2011

when will I learn??

The pattern very clearly said 
to make a sample shoe out of cheap material
without interfacing.
Did I listen?

I also didn't put the sole lining in properly....

I thought I'd handled all sizing issues on the front end
and the sample shoe wouldn't be necessary,
and besides,
I'm no stranger to making shoes
(never mind I still haven't mastered them....)
I'm not exactly a beginning sewer....

I should have made the sample!
My only consolation is
the second shoe isn't entirely made,
only mostly made....


  1. maybe you can save them for a granddaughter:) they are lovely!

  2. yeah, what mrs. J said ;)
    does she already have a jumper in the same fabric, or just the colors? i can't remember...

  3. yes - I can still finish the other (not going to attempt to fix that lining though) I just have limited sewing time, so to waste it is frustrating... And - I'm not entirely sure how to proceed for the next pair. which is why I forked over the money for patterns, so I wouldn't have to do this kind of figuring...

    colors -the jumper you're thinking of is fleece (and is blue & black) - these are corduroy but they go perfectly with the fleece dress I made not long ago. which she was going to wear today grr..

  4. Grrr is right... I hate wasting time with a sample, but it's so annoying when things don't turn out as planned...