Thursday, April 28, 2011

quick and easy table-topper

It's been a whole month since I've been on here.
Not much making going on these days
unless it's graduation or LEM related.
I hand sewed a little spot that had come undone in a pant's seam
and longed for some time to just stitch.
ah well.

Tony made me promise to not do any prep work
for his little graduation party.
And I'm honoring that - mostly.
I'm good with informal
(really informal, even)
but you can't just have NO centerpiece on the tables whatsoever,
so I came up with these quick and easy tri-table-toppers.
First, I picked three photos
(really you could use anything!)

turned them over 
and spread rubber cement
on the outer 2  inches of each side of each picture.

While I was doing that,
Lexi was hard at work unfolding binder clips.

ignore her jammies and her lunch remnants on them...
and instead - clap with her ~ those little suckers are hard to open!

I used the clips to hold the photos in place while the glue dried

then took them off 
when I was sure the photos were good and stuck.

Quick and Easy Centerpieces

They're not as fancy as I'd usually make,
but then,
Ton's not really a fancy kind of guy....


  1. those are great! the last two pictures of Lexi look like me, don't you think?