Monday, March 28, 2011

what's up

My knitting went from bad to worse.
When I very first started,
I planned to keep 
(maybe even frame!)
 my very first little square.
it's not a square.
I had anywhere from 24 to 28 stitches on my needle
at any given time.
Apparently I have a knack for 
miraculously adding stitches.
So I would decrease
- at least I think that's what I'd do -
next thing I'd know,
I'd have an extra stitch or three.
And holes.
A couple of big holes, scattered here and there.

But I'm not giving up, I casted on (cast on? cast on-ed?) again last night.
I started with 26 stitches
and, after 14 rows, I still have 26.
So far, so good.

In addition to learning to knit,
this weekend I added another skill to my 
jack-of-many-trades master-of-none repertoire.

I like learning how to do new things,
or rather - I like being able to do many different things,
but I really want to find time to sit at my sewing machine
sometime soon.
I miss creating with good ole fabric.
And the speed of creating with fabric!

1 comment:

  1. Your brother is so much like you... so skillful in all areas!
    Regarding the holes, when you do certain types of increases and decreases holes will show up. Usually it's done intentionally. wink, wink.
    ...If only I could manipulate material like you and Nathan do...