Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bargains galore

an ugly orange-ish leather jacket
which will one day become cute baby shoes.
I will master them someday.....

dress pants for TJ, should be just perfect as is

2 swimsuits for Aiden-Boy

a dark red corduroy Children's Place shirt
also for Aiden

2 jammie pants - Aiden, again

a like new long-sleeve shirt for Josiah

stripy leggins for Lily

a soft brown Children's Place shirt for Lily
a floral corduroy shirt that goes with it
to be made into a skirt

a long-sleeve turtleneck onesie for Lex'
that I plan to remake into a summer dress

3 cotton/lycra shirts - aka fabric
2 vintage sheets
I'm not just crazy about either of them
but they'll be good quilt backs
especially for a picnic quilt
for $11.50!!

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