Saturday, May 22, 2010

the new shirt-dress

I've been seeing little shirred sun-dresses
and shirts re-made into toddler dresses for over a year

I decided to combine the two ideas
and use these

I knew as soon as I laid eyes on the red one
that it'd be perfect for a Independence Day sun-dress for Lily.
I spent a buck fifty on it
and started looking for a blue shirt for Lexi's.
I almost passed up this one, because of the bulldog on it
but then I was like, duh! I don't have to use that part.

Don't hate me because I'm smart like that.

These were so much fun to make!

I can see why gals open ETSY shops;

How many shirred sun-dresses out - of - men's - shirts
does one girl need?


  1. You will amaze me until I'm old and we're spending our kids' supposed inheritance! The dresses are just the cutest and Only and I want to know when you have time to make all these lovely creations!!! I love you're Quilting Office hours and policy! Thanks for helping me decide what I needed to do!

  2. you've seen my house ~ you know what I let slide in order to sew :-)

  3. OK, do you have a pattern for these wonderful little dresses? Namely, just something to explain the cutting/sizing/smocking process.

  4. golly, Laura. Sorry; I don't. I do have 1 photo I took when I started, 'cause I intended to document the process, but then just got into; my sewing :-) I'll see if I can e-mail it to ya.