Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Dreamin' ~ BQF

Since I finished my California Dreamin' quilt
right smack dab in the middle of Amy's Quilt Festival
I figured I'd go ahead and enter it.

I made my first quilt in December of 2008
when I was 8 months pregnant with our 8th child

It was quickly followed by another quilt
that I finished just 2 days before my sweet Lexi was born;
I had most definitely caught
the quilting bug!

After drooling over the fabric for almost 6 months
I finally decided to order it.
I'd only purchased designer fabric one other time
so this was a really big deal for me!
I thought I knew just how I was going to sew it up,
but then I started second-guessing myself.
After all, it was only my 7th quilt
what did I know??
So I just let my lovely fabric sit for awhile.

I finally decided to go with
but I changed up the dimensions a bit.
So I wouldn't waste a drop of fabric,
I cut a 5 inch strip
cut 2 squares out of it
then cut the remainder of the strip in half
and cut those 2 1/2" strips into 5" and 9" pieces.

Except for the two times I sewed merrily along
only to find I'd been using an empty bobbin
and the last 1/2 hour or so I spent with my seam ripper
I can say in all honesty
that I loved every minute of the 962 I spent making this quilt;
this fabric just makes me happy.
And it feels sooo nice.

that's not entirely true;
I didn't exactly love arranging the blocks.
In fact, it was stressing me out a bit
so I just stepped back and let Tony & Tyler
do it for me.
Of course
I stepped back in to help a little....

This was my first time to use white in a quilt.
I love it
but I did worry about the darn thing getting all dirty
before I'd even finished it.

Silly me
I forgot the final step to making a quilt is
- hello -
washing it!

After crinkling,
the quilt is a perfect throw size at 56 x 74.
I briefly considered wrapping it up
and sending it to Jenean as a thank-you
for designing such beautiful fabric
but I quickly decided she couldn't possibly love it
as much as I do.

when you've got a bit of time
fix a big glass of iced tea
Grab a napkin first, though
so you can wipe the drool off yer chin
if you're just dying to see more ;-)


  1. I love ths quilt and the story behind it. I missed doing the festival this year....

  2. Lovely. Cute story too. Thanks for sharing it in such an entertaining way. I'm sure you will love your next quilt too. You've caught the bug!

  3. I absolutely love this quilt! Beautifully done!

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  9. What an utterly lovely quilt (and the little one is simply too cute for words!).

    Best wishes from Germany,

  10. I love your story and your quilt!

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  13. Such a good post !
    The quilt is beautiful, the story of it well written, and the baby is adorable !

    You are truly blessed !

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  17. letting my daughter arrange the quilts is the best way for me to do that...i get analysis paralysis really fast so when she does it i can just let go and enjoy watching her go through the process. this looks amazing. i love the colors and the blocks are so fun

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  20. marvelous quilt and story. wonderful you can find time to do this with eight children. lucky they to have a momma who sews though--that picture of your little girl hugging the quilt is priceless!!

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