Friday, August 27, 2010

perfectly normal behavior

Everyone was getting dressed to go celebrate
(a very late) 4th of July
with dear friends.
for the real deal
but was afraid they might be a bit cool once the sun went down.
Lily had other red white and blue clothes
but Lexi was lacking.
She had a t-shirt
and even a pair of red and white striped leggin's.
Problem is - the t-shirt
even though it's a definite 'girl-cut'
makes her look like a boy;
she needed a skirt.

Easy as Pie
(eating pie, that is, not making it)
I just chopped off the bottom of a shirt (sorry, Josiah!) at the arms
leaving several inches on the side - this was one wide short shirt!
serged what was now the top of the skirt
serged the sides together
and zig-zagged on some 7/8 inch elastic.
Took less than 10 minutes.

Everybody make clothes just minutes before walking out the door.


  1. Guilty, but mostly dressing up clothes:
    Lisa: you know I want to got to world book day as Pippi Longstocking?
    Me: yes?
    Lisa: how are you going to do my hair? And where are the skirt and top with patches?
    Me: groan

  2. Meant to say, Lexi looks really cute :-)

  3. haha, sometimes it can be easier to make a new thing than locate something you already have ;)