Saturday, September 11, 2010

my very own mini boden

Up 'til about 3 weeks ago
I'd never heard of mini Boden.
Or regular Boden, for that matter.
Miss Chris mentioned she was going to make some
mini Boden knock-offs for her girls.

I thought I might join her.
"What other lovelies were in this catalog?" I wondered.

Sure enough there were some cute
reasonably easy

I've never fully lined anything before
and I was tempted,
to skip the lining all together
reasoning that the dress would still be cute.
And then I asked myself,
"What would Katy do?"
No doubt about it, she'd line it!
And seeing that
she'd challenged us to try new things,
this being National Sewing Month and all,
I decided to go for it.

(the inspiration dress)

Although you can't really tell in my photos,
I put 3 pleats in each of the four sections of the dress.
After I did that
I cut out my lining pieces.
Everything fit together perfectly!
I don't know if I'll ever buy a pattern again.

I absolutely love how it turned out
and I am so pleased with my workmanship.

Aside from a serger malfunction near the end
(that I haven't yet managed to fix. hmmm)
which caused the inside of my sleeves to not be exactly the same
my work is very nearly flawless.
Well, maybe not flawless, exactly,
but very, very good!
And I'd be proud for my mother-in-law to pick it apart
if she were still alive to do so.

I can't wait to show it to Lily when she wakes up tomorrow!


  1. cute! i think that IS the fabric i was picturing... now i'm gonna have to hunt down that skirt and see.
    Anyways, i love it, and Lily will just adore it, it'll look great with her new shoes too - you must take a picture :)

  2. Haha! It's true that I may be a bit compulsive about lining things. You have me pegged. The dress is better than Boden! Great job.

  3. So cute! I had never heard of mini-Boden either until Grant's aunt started buying stuff from there for my kids' birthdays and such a few years ago. I couldn't believe she would spend $40 on a dress...a DRESS!!! for a 3-year old. Or $27 on a boy's 5T shirt. Crazy! But she did....and I DO like their clothes a lot. I would never ever ever spend that amount do you want to come to VA and give me some sewing lessons?? :)