Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ruffles galore

I was so excited when I found the fabric on clearance
a couple of months ago;
I figured within an hour or two of arriving home
 from Hobby Lobby
I'd have two adorable little outfits all sewn up.
Should I do skirts?
or jumpers??
I was already writing a post in my head.
I knew Lana'd be jealous 
so I bought enough to make a skirt for her, too.
I considered one for moi,
 but I'd feel like a cupcake in so many ruffles
and I'm pretty sure my booty couldn't really carry off the look.

Problem was, 
when I laid out the fabric
with all its glorious rufflage
I couldn't quite figure out how to make a skirt that would look decent;
where there were seams, the ruffles would be sewn down - flat.
So you'd have ruffle, ruffle, ruffle. seam. 
With a narrower ruffle fabric, I think that'd be okay,
but these ruffles are 4 inches!
I even cut off a few ruffles and made a little doll skirt as a test
and just as I suspected, it looked less-than-adorable.

So my fabric sat.
When I'd think about it, I'd sigh.
Darn it, I'd wasted $7.50!

And then Monday,
marvelous Monday,
Katy posted a tutorial for a lovely skirt 

I didn't manage to get to it Monday,
but the first chance I got yesterday
I whipped out a skirt for my grown girl.
It's not nearly as elegant as Katy's version
but still it's cute
and quite fun
and most importantly, Lana loves it.

Thanks, Katy!!


  1. I do love it, can't wait until it's finished and here so i can wear it :)

  2. The boys were supposed to bring it to you yesterday ~ I was bummed when I saw it still by the door after they'd left!

  3. Fantastic!
    You're the first one I've seen use my tutorial--glad it works! ;)