Sunday, September 12, 2010

quality vs quantity

I re-read my latest post.
My goodness, I do sound like the bragger!
I suppose I did warn you, though.

You see,
up until very recently,
I wasn't really much of a seamstress.
I sewed.
But I focused a lot more on finishing
than making something I could be truly proud of.
A piece of clothing that I could pack away in the clothes tub
and not be embarrassed
but rather, delighted
at the thought of anyone else actually using the garment.

I know many people enjoy
and I suppose she does a lot to further the idea
of using what you have and upcycling
but there's something that bothers me.
(besides the ridiculously low-cut styles she prefers)
Her clothing re-makes lack it.
I'm not trying to be ugly here;
when one tapes a hem with packing tape
they clearly (haha clearly - packing tape - get it?? :-)
they clearly aren't shooting for 'quality'.

When I sew
I want what I am making
to be better than the last thing I made.
that desire has paid off
and I am really beginning to love what I've sewn.
I don't think I'm bragging
so much as
Because a job well done
is something to celebrate, don't you think?


  1. speaking of a job well done, your photography is getting better too i think. these are some cute pics, she looks ADORABLE in her new dress. LOVE that fabric :)

  2. it hits me that although the quality of this is really good, it still only took you a day, and didn't you have to make the pattern yourself? looks like you've gotten faster too :)

  3. thanks :-) now, if only I could learn to REALLY use my camera!!! I think it took about 3 1/2 - 4 hrs, maybe? I actually didn't make a pattern, just took some measurements & went at it. It could be have been a tad bigger, but it isn't uncomfortably small.

  4. I totally agree about her quality. But I don't think it's cos she is incapable of it, probably more to do with the time it takes to make an outfit and do a blog post every day :)

    If I have a girl, this blog is definitely gonna be my reference point.