Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sewing sticks

Inspired by Aunt Leila's post,
I made knitting needles!!

Best I can tell
- what with my complete ignorance of the subject -
these are a US size 10,
meaning I used a 1/4 inch dowel rod.

I din't go to all the trouble of using a nail file; 
fine sandpaper seemed to work great.
Of course 
I have no clue how real knitting needles should feel...
They only took 5 minutes total 
including rubbing them down with baby bottom grease.

When Lily saw me hot gluing the buttons on
she said, "Oh! You're making sewing sticks!
Just like the chicken in Robin Hood!"

I figure
if a chicken can knit,
surely I can learn too??


  1. Exciting! Yes! If a chicken can knit, you can too! :)

    Love the quilt also ;)

  2. Sewing Sticks? Don't remember that part of the movie. Claire and I tried knitting. Remember that fuzzy blue scarf with red fuzzies? yep! That was my only attempt at knitting. I have some yarn and a very LG needle if you want it.

  3. haha, sewing sticks :D
    ...the chicken was just always knitting, but i forgot that.
    i have some knitting needles somewhere. they're very smooth - metal all glossy. you want smooth, i think, b/c otherwise it will dreate friction that slows you down. might mess with the tension too, but i don't know cuz i don't use sewing sticks myself :D
    just sewing hooks.

    ... but i can't imagine myself that a nailfile would do any better than fine sandpaper.
    whatcha makin?

  4. I read somewhere that wooden needles (not being quite so slick) are easier for beginners, since stitches don't slip off as easily...

    I've been more intent on learning to knit ever since I saw this post http://sewliberated.typepad.com/sew_liberated/2010/11/moon-booties.html

    Jodie suggested that I could just have somebody make them for me, but then what fun would that be?! ;-) Now, If I only I can learn enough to get them made before Kieron outgrows them and/or it gets too hot...

  5. First off, dear, size 10 is WAY TOO BIG! It might make moccasins for Josiah... (I hope you laugh at that :-)

    But don't worry! I'm sure your local knitting supply store should have some smaller sizes.

    Don't throw away those knitting sticks though! Use them to practice before you try the slippery smooth metal ones with soft, fine yarn for baby booties.
    Love ya!!

  6. I just looked at the pattern - it calls for dpns - double pointed needles - so that you can knit around in a circle. This project might really scare you away from knitting. Have you found any scarf patterns you like??
    Maybe this one? It reminds me of an Escher work.

  7. Kaylana - yes, I know they are way too big - but I wanted to be able to practice without making a $10 (in gas!)run to the store... so - don't try the booties yet, huh? rats!
    love you, too!!