Wednesday, March 16, 2011

finally yarning along

Every Wednesday,
I read Ginny's post,
then I spend the next several days visiting
all the fabulous knitters and crocheters around the world
and drool.

You see, up until yesterday,
I wasn't really a 'yarner'.
Pretty much the only thing I could do with yarn
But thanks to Make it - Love it's new mini series,
am now
a knitter.
Oh yes, I knit.

well, I cast-on....
and yes, I know - they are much to big to actually use
but before running to town to purchase some,
I figured they'd be good for practicing...

Perhaps, someday, I will learn enough to be able to knit 
the booties I've been wanting to make for months.
A girl can dream, right?!


  1. Dropping in as part of Yarn Along to say "hi". Great start!

  2. Yippee! Another knitter is born. I hope you have many many happy hours knitting away.

  3. Hi there! Dropped in from the Yarn Along to say hi. Good to see a new knitter has been born! : )

  4. good luck momma!! maybe you can teach me :D

  5. You do know that all of us started out making doll scarves right? If you learn to knit when you are 7 you make doll scarves. If you don't learn to knit when you are 7 you wait until you have little girls and then you learn making doll scarves. Simple.

  6. Yeah!!! Way to go Sis! You're such a crafty woman. You'll have fun learning this. It's a great craft to take with you places - unlike the sewing machine...
    By the way, your brother learned an awful lot on YouTube. That's his secret. And he really liked your knitting needles. I could read his mind - he was thinking of the dowels we have downstairs...